Golf Course Construction


Grown out of a legacy, with a heritage of success.

Matkovich Golf Course Construction builds golf courses to the highest specification, that of the USGA, which requires meticulous attention to every last detail. In order to see that the exact design is placed on the ground, the designer must be present as much as possible, along with an experienced management team that is permanently on site. We have sufficient internal resources to supervise all construction activities and avoid sub-contracting management. Our course construction site agents have gathered experience over the past 25 years and are the hands-on project managers, ensuring that every facet of the course’s creation complies with the design and specification. By using our specialists, we remove the risk of sub-specification material, hidden errors and the general cutting of corners

An ecologically sustainable course is of utmost importance to any development and will add immense value to the land. Working within the environmental regulations and enhancing the natural surroundings is a hallmark of Matkovich Group approach to construction. The fact that Peter Matkovich Design and Matkovich Golf Course Construction are so closely linked offers a client the benefit of good budgetary management. Once a budget has been set, the designer and construction team work together to ensure that the vision of the designer is implemented within the budget constraints of the client.


Working closely with our clients and the designer, we strive to deliver their vision, efficiently. The dynamics of a golf course are extremely delicate and there is no substitute for knowing what you are doing!


Course layout and planning

Bulk earthworks and construction,
including drainage and water

Shaping of greens, bunkers, fairways
and tees

Design and installation of irrigation

Turf grass cultivation according to
the design plan

Landscaping according to the design plan