Golf Course Business



 Dear “Partner”

Firstly thank you again for the meeting and your time.

I have provided the below as a starting point and as a synopsis of the PGA & CMASA partner sponsorship for XYZ product/brand for your perusal and comment.

As per our discussions, we are looking for a genuine partnership whereby (instead of only an annual flat fee), the PGA & CMASA also, and more importantly, earn a commission or royalty on all XYZ product sold though golf and sports facilities in the country.

As you may or may not be aware we have a very successful and similar relationship with Ernie Els wines (official wine) Stellenbrau (official beer) whereby these products carry the “supported by” PGA & CMASA brands.  Essentially the PGA & CMASA acts as a “credible door opener” to golf facilities and recreational clubs country wide and we allow these products to leverage off our brands to gain traction at golf clubs, sports clubs and driving ranges.


As background the PGA & CMASA have an official affiliate partner program whereby we would be honoured to invite XYZ product to consider being closely aligned with the PGA & CMASA by entering into an agreement where you could become an affiliate/ partner along the lines of “Official XYZ product of the PGA of SA & CMASA.

Through this program the PGA of SA & CMASA has a number of affiliates and partners in different spheres of the corporate world where we are working with our partners to build synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships.  Amongst others, and for your interest, a few of our partners include the following.  The full list of partners is on the PGA of SA website

In essence the PGA of SA & CMASA has recognised that not only through their strong brands but also and additionally, through their respective members they are the conduit to thousands of golfers and members at recreational clubs.  In most cases these members occupy executive and senior management positions within these golf and sports facilities where they can help promote and provide partner brands a continuous presence.

The basis of the agreement is for XYZ product to be able to offer, at a minimum, the following two aspects to the PGA/CMASA & their members:

  1. A benefit to most, if not all, of our members – ideally this would be in the form of a preferential price for personal use on your XYZ product. This would be for the personal use of PGA members and CMASA representatives only and on a restricted and limited
  2. A benefit to the PGA of SA & CMASA – This would be in the form of both an initial minimum sponsorship fee (currently R100 000/ annum) and a royalty/commission on the sale of all XYZ product at any golf or sport facility in South Africa. Once this royalty exceeds the R100 000/ annum, the rebate of X % of all sales of all product in all golf/sports facilities will be paid only once the rebate quantum exceeds R 100 000 i.e. annually the quantum is a R100 000 or X% of rebate, whichever is larger.

It is recommended, if possible, that in addition XYZ product consider offering the following:

  1. A direct benefit to the golf or sports facility. This can be in the form of free product/discounts/rebates etc. etc.
  2. A benefit to the member of the club. This could be in the form of product or preferential pricing for members etc. etc.  Essentially this would be an offering that allows the golf facility to provide a member benefit utilising XYZ product or service.

In return XYZ product would receive recognition as an official partner of the PGA of SA & an official partner of CMASA. Each of which would provide the following platforms to promote your product and or service.

The following are the platforms that the PGA of SA will provide:

  • Affiliation to over 700 members of the PGA (this includes for both fully qualified members and apprentice members)

Ability to relate and communicate directly with these members

Ability to encourage our members to promote your brand and product to their members of clubs/ driving ranges, facilities

  • Branding in our Newsletters

Minimum once/year in the CEO”S weekly email (“espresso with the CEO”)

Minimum twice/ year though the PGA’s electronic newsletter platform

  • Ability to communicate a minimum of two times per year in an exclusive fashion to our members
  • Introduction to all our current partners and affiliates
  • Ability to promote your product at selected pro-ams and national tournaments – this would include

Placement/ hand out of brochures

Placement/ hand out of product

Ability to do a short presentation re product

Placement of signage

  • Exposure and recognition in media where we are present
  • Exposure and recognition in all our social media (both our closed and open Facebook PGA as well as twitter)
  • Exposure and recognition on the PGA website
  • Ability to present at our annual education workshops – note this talk can be product related
  • Representation at all of our education workshops – both Continuous Professional Development seminars and Apprentice programs
  • Seen as part sponsor of the national pro-am

The following are the platforms that CMASA will provide:

  1. Exposure on CMASA’s website.
  2. Direct communication on a monthly basis to the CMASA database.
  3. Marketing through the D6 communicator.
  4. Attendance at annual conferences with the ability to do the following:
    1. Showcase products and services.
    2. Provide presentation if pertinent and/or requested.
  5. Personal introductions to golf and sports clubs.
  6. Mention of the Affiliate program will be made at all regional managers meetings and members will be encouraged to join. (This is a powerful forum for managers to give evidence of how they have benefited from using certain partners).

I hope the above gives you an idea of what both the PGA of SA and CMASA we are prepared to offer and the conduits as well.  If you feel I need to elaborate on any of the points above please let me know and I will gladly revert.

I trust this is in accordance with you and please feel free to provide comment or give me a call to discuss.

We are exceptionally excited at this opportunity and I look forward to further discussions or receiving your proposal.

I look forward to hearing from you.