Our Heritage

Over 25 years ago, Peter Matkovich began designing and constructing golf courses in South Africa. Today, this business has created over a billion Rands worth of landmarks in Africa covering SA, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, Mauritius, Nigeria and Tanzania. The company has a proud heritage of delivering excellence and building client relations based on delivery of a common goal, in a manner of service that befits top global organisations. Our clients have ranged
from Anglo American, Jonnic and the Sheraton Group, to individuals with equal dreams and aspirations. We have always prided ourselves on the quality of the professionals we provide and the personal nature of the service. Today we remain a humble family business with traditional Christian values.

An Integrated Solution

• Walk the site, getting a true feel for the space
• Develop a working routing plan
• Craft a hole-by-hole Master Plan
• Develop detailed drawings
• Proceed to construction and on-site detail design
• Complete the process with the grow in


• Development facilitation
• Pre-planning and feasibility studies
• Golf course design and construction
• Large infrastructure development
• Club management